Stories for strange times

Once Upon A Time is an anthology of flash fiction: standalone tales of 1,000–3,000 words, in genres including science fiction, horror, and the supernatural!

More than fifteen bite-sized stories to spark the imagination, and provide respite from the world during a very strange time. Also includes author’s notes on each tale, describing inspiration and background.

Volume 4 includes the stories Nine Mile Burn, Antisocial, Reading Time, Dice, The Archminister, The Puzzle, DNR, Justice System, Regarding My Work, The Hotel, Piety, Burrowers, Your Heart's Desire, The Forest, Aliens, Next Stop, The Magician, and Ignite.

About Matt Gemmell

Matt Gemmell is the author of TOLL, CHANGER and RAW MATERIALS. He is a former software engineer, and he lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with his wife Lauren and their two sons.

He can be found on Twitter as @mattgemmell.

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