Matt Gemmell


writing & briefly 1 min read

Every year, I resolve to write fewer words, more often. And every year, I fail spectacularly. I feel a self-imposed pressure to only publish pieces on this site that are of non-trivial length, even though I think that some of what I share via social media has value too.

Accordingly, I’ll now be publishing “brief thoughts”, alongside regular articles. It’s my hope that the new format will allow me to write here more frequently. You’ll find those pieces – including this inaugural one – in the new Briefly category.

My guidelines for Briefly pieces are that they should be 100-200 words, and should take most people less than a minute to read. I’ve also given them a slightly distinct visual style, which you can see on the web, to add a little bit of weight to what might otherwise look truncated.

I hope you’ll enjoy them.