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Brotherly Love

personal 1 min read

An email I received via the <a href="">contact form</a> from my brother Martin, 
really showing the love. This was shortly before Father's Day, and after he'd visited my blog, and seen that a 
large part of it consisted of Mac punditry and reflections on technical topics.
From: Your Dearest Darling brother Type: General Comment Product: What OS: Macs are crraaaaaaaaaaaaap Message:
My god, you are so amazingly gay. How is it even possible for us to share a blood line. Honestly.

In all seriousness tho, just been on reading your blog thing (look at me go with the pure mad technical jargon and all that), thought i should email and annoy you. Im gonna be over 2moro at some point, probably early, so we should sort something for fathers day, i was thinking that maybe a book about some musical person would be good as a gift, possibly hendrix or crapton or some other.. who knows.

Anywho, i shall now go and stop wasting your precious playing-video-games-time, whilst pretending to be a serious computer programming kinda dude thing.

Thank you and good night.

Mart is clearly still getting over the time many years ago when his <a href="/images/mart/bad_hair.jpg">hair looked like this</a>. 
Or maybe when he <a href="/images/mart/zing.jpg">made faces like this</a>.

Though I'm sure he prefers to <a href="/images/mart/knopfler.jpg">think of himself like this</a>.