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Business naming

personal 1 min read

Currently, there are two additional domains pointing to this site: and I want to split off my 
software and "business" stuff into a separate site. The question is, 
should I use the company name or my own name as a contractor?
Let me just say up-front that I'm aware of the issue of link preservation, 
but I don't want to factor that in just at the moment. I also don't particularly 
want to register a new domain, though I could be swayed on that with a sufficiently 
impressive suggestion. My default course of action would probably be 
to continue to use the Scotland Software company name, and point that 
domain to a new business-oriented site where I'll peddle shareware, various 
consulting services, and offer my source code for download.

Thing is, I was talking to 
<a href="">Rainer</a> 
yesterday (whom I seem to be name-dropping 
a hell of a lot lately), and he opined that it might be better to simply 
name the site after myself, and build a professional image based on my own 
identity as a contractor. I can of course point both domains towards the 
same site, but I need to determine the primary name and identity of the 
business entity which the site represents.

I'd be interested to hear any thoughts you might have, Constant Reader.