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A quick post with some recent photos.

I’m sitting here in the lab on a bank holiday, thus on my own, and thought I’d take a break to post a few photos we’ve taken recently. First up, Lauren and I went for a picnic in Drumpellier Country Park last Sunday, which was great. Here are a couple of pics:

The weather was beautiful and we had a pretty good time. Definitely need to get a frisbee for next time though.

This weekend we were down in Dumfries visiting Lauren’s sister Lisa (hi Lis). After dinner on Saturday evening (which took the form of a barbeque expertly executed by myself), we went out with assorted Dumfriesians for a few drinks in the local Wetherspoon’s (The Robert the Bruce, which serves perhaps the worst food in all of creation), then to the rather schizophrenic and frankly awful Bar ID (yes, really; google it for this worrying listing which in no way represented the clientele that night) for about 15 minutes. The night’s conclusion (and indeed climax) was the inevitable trip to Jumpin’ Jak’s, which defies any attempt at description.

We were blessed by the company of Big Chris and Nintendo John, and it was a pretty good night, all things considered. Finally got to bed around 4:30 am yesterday.

It’s worth mentioning that we went to the local Ottakar’s (a bookshop) just before midnight on Friday night for Lauren, Lisa and one of Lisa’s friends to buy copies of the new Harry Potter. A security guard whose dimensions mirrored those of the side of Lauren’s house escorted us in, and the assembled 30-odd Potter fans waited for the final countdown. For the occasion, the shop had (naturally) temporarily changed its name.

Finally, to the title of this post. When we were walking into town on Saturday evening, we passed by one of the local churches, and I noticed its attempt to reach out to the internet generation (the second tab says “Buy-In Now”). Presumably their seller feedback is nothing short of immaculate.

That’ll just about do it for the mo; time for some lunch then more coffee. Do keep it strictly gangster.