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If you’re wondering how to get images from your GameCube into your computer, it’s fairly easy, but does require some expenditure. Firstly, be aware that I’m using a Macintosh PowerBook G4 with Firewire (which you might call i.Link or IEEE 1394), and that my GameCube is a UK PAL version.

So, immediately we have a problem: Nintendo have disabled S-Video output on PAL GameCubes (UK ones, anyway). So, what I did was to buy a Formac Studio DV/TV, which accepts composite or S-Video inputs and includes a hardware codec to convert the analogue video to DV. It also includes Firewire ports, so you can pull the DV into your Mac (or indeed PC). If you don’t want the TV tuner, you could go for the slightly cheaper Studio DV.

So, I just hooked the GameCube up using the cable with the video and stereo audio connectors (the yellow, red and white plugs), and plugged them into the Composite-In and Audio-In (L/R) ports on the Studio. Then it was just a matter of launching iMovie (or Final Cut Pro), and everything just works. You can play your GameCube using your PowerBook screen, and import whatever video you like. The image below, of my Shine Totals in Super Mario Sunshine, is just a single frame from a short movie I pulled from the GameCube. Cool stuff. 8)