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Call me Captain

gaming, personal, tech & university 1 min read

I’ve been thinking, and I’ve decided that I’d like to be called “Captain” from now on.

This has probably been in the offing for years now, beginning with Star Trek and then continuing right through my antics almost a year ago. I think it’s time to make a formal transition, so I’d like to ask you all to address me as “Captain” from this point on. That applies to email, instant messaging, and most definitely in person for those of you fortunate enough to see me offline. Thanks very much.

Some miscellaneous news now. It’s been a year since I started this new blog; actually a year and 4 days, since I completely missed its first birthday on Monday. Here’s a link back to the first post, which wasn’t very interesting at all (so not much has changed, I hear you say). Happy Birthday, blog!

Next up, the Edinburgh blogging scene. Derek is off to Edinburgh University this year to do his Master’s, and will naturally be blogging from over there. Thing is, at Edinburgh, it seems that blogging may have a slightly different meaning then we’re all used to. Derek will presumably delight in the ambiguity when he tells us he’s been up all night blogging, and so forth.

Lastly, I offer two suggestions for those who are bored:

  • Grab a copy of WireTap Pro (the unregistered version is fine), and hijack some audio from your favourite DVDs. Here's a freebie I recorded earlier from Anchorman. I recommend setting it as your "new mail" sound.
  • Play some Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, either on an N64, a cube, or via emulation. As if enticement were needed, recall the Gerudo Valley theme. How well I remember my 36 continuous hours of play, after which I could see my button assignments in the upper-right of my field of vision even after turning off the N64. Sweet.

Until next time: stay classy, planet Earth. And remember, call me “Captain”.