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Cancer not found

personal 1 min read

As I mentioned previously, 
<a href="">I had a mole removed from my side</a> 
a few weeks ago. The removed skin was sent for biopsy, as per standard procedure, to check for signs of cancer 
(specifically, malignant melanoma). The mole didn't exhibit any of the primary warning signs of melanoma, except that it's size was 
sufficiently great that, had melanoma been present, it would likely have already metastasised, leading to a very short life-expectancy 
for me.

In any case, I returned to see the doctor this morning to receive the results of the pathology: it was all clear; an entirely normal and 
benign mole. Life expectancy: hopefully many decades yet.

It was cold this morning but very sunny, and I recall experiencing that odd feeling of time slowing down, and the world around becoming 
distant, as I walked to the doc's surgery. I was acutely aware that I was approaching a forked junction in my life. After receiving the good 
news and leaving, I felt quite dopily happy as I walked back home. Tangible relief, as you might imagine.

Well, back to life.