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Caption competition

university 1 min read

Some photos from the Computing Society Christmas party on Tuesday, one of which is begging for a caption. 
Come up with the best one, and I'll send you something vaguely cool (once I've thought of what it's going to be).

Being geeks, most of us are members of <a href="">CompSoc</a>, the University of Glasgow Computing Society. 
They had a Christmas party in the Exchequer on Dumbarton Road last Tuesday night, and a big group of us went along. Here are a couple of pics 
taken by Chris during the evening. Note that more pics will be going up on the CompSoc site sometime next week, apparently.


Mark, Koi and Marv looking only slightly the worse for wear. Regarding the table's centrepiece, they gave us balloons of various shapes and sizes. 
They gave us condiments, including tartare sauce. There was alcohol, and women, and Chris was there. I think we can agree that it was inevitable.

Really terrible, blurry pic of the Policewoman stripper (sorry ladies, Chris didn't take any pics of the Fireman stripper afterwards - maybe the 
CompSoc site will have some).

The pic that really needs a caption. This photo caught me in mid-blink or something, but you've got to admit that it looks dodgy. 
Come up with a really funny (and let's face it, probably insulting) caption, and submit it via the Comments on this post. Remember 
to include your email address (which won't be shown anywhere on the site).

Oh, and on an unrelated note, remember kids: Spoonie says, <em>always keep your copy of K&R handy</em>.