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So I was in the supermarket the other night doing some manly shopping (pizza, beer, brake fluid; true), and the checkout lady (who was perhaps 45) swiped the beer through the scanner. As usual, when any alcoholic drink goes through, the screen instructs the cashier to check the customer is over 18. So she asks me “Are you over 18?”

I was packing the shopping by this time, and I looked up in shock, only to see her point a finger at me in true “gotcha!” fashion and laugh like it was the best joke in human history. She was just kidding. Oh the comedy.

Of course, when I told Derek and Gary about all this later that night in the pub, Gary (true to form) suggested:

Maybe she just couldn't see you over the edge of the counter.

Which, I have to admit, is pretty funny. Happy New Year to you too, dear friends. On that very topic, I’ll be leaving in the morning to go down to Dumfries to stay with Lauren for a few days and see in the new year, so normal service will resume sometime next week.

Have a great new year, folks, and we’ll see what 2005 brings. Whatever else it is, I do know this: it’ll be a truly sheercore year.

Peace out,