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Career choice

university 1 min read

When the stress of studying for upcoming exams starts to get to you, 
alternate careers start to seem much more appealing.
Neil:ah an email from Colleen.. god I rock
Neil:  Seeing as you seem to be the years' expert on getting from A to B (where B
Neil:  is equal to some unknown university building) maybe you can answer me this:
Neil:  Where on earth is monday's exam?
Neil:  Thanks, Colleen x
Matt:aren't you the god damn legend
Neil:aren't I just.
Matt:I'd pimp up the txt I just this minute received from her, but it was a reply to one of mine, which is nowhere near as legendary.
Neil:So how's study going? I'm about ready to rip someone's head off.
Matt:how much you done?
Neil:I don't know how to categorise how much I've done... except not enough.
Neil:and everything I have done I seem to have forgotten already
Matt:I feel that way too
Matt:don't worry mate, we'll all get through this and it'll be fine.
Neil:I might drop out of uni and become a full time masturbator.
Matt:well it's always an option.