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An action-thriller novel — book 2 in the KESTREL series.

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Casting Call

general 1 min read

We're making a movie, and we have some roles to fill. This 
is your chance to be a star (baby).

We don’t want to give away too much of the plot, so the character names are generic at this point. Basically, it’s an epic action-adventure with science fiction elements, legions of evil creatures, stunning displays of ninja skills, and of course several hot babes.

The primary starring roles have already been filled by myself and Chris, naturally. If you feel you’d fit one of the remaining roles listed below, get in touch via the comments form. The movie’s title is SheerCore.

  1. Head monk
  2. Assorted monks
  3. Hot babe / love interest 1
  4. Hot babe / love interest 2
  5. Hot babe / love interest 3
  6. Hot babe / love interest 4
  7. Final boss
  8. Intermediate boss 1
  9. Intermediate boss 2
  10. President of Earth
  11. Assorted Computing Science lecturers
  12. Assorted university students (screaming victims)
  13. Ancient Mayan Priest
  14. God (female; some nudity required)
  15. Assorted evil creatures (roles require prosthetics)
  16. 6 Anubis guards
  17. Assorted evil Cloning Lab scientists

Note: for the Hot babes and God roles, be sure to include a link to a recent photo.