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Changes to my feeds

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To whom it may concern: a few changes to my feed URLs, and added preliminary Pie (Echo) support. 
You <em>won't</em> need to change anything in your subscriptions.

We now (again) support excerpts-only feeds, in the new "slashed" URL format. Essentially, you 
can just append "_excerpts" to any feed URL, for example for the Thistle category:
This works for all feeds, including our brand spanking new <a href="">Pie/Echo/Atom</a> feeds (created just for 
the hell of it).


So, here are all the types of feeds you can currently subscribe to, for example for my entire blog:

They should all validate using the relevant validators (you can use <a href="">Feed Validator</a> for all of them, 
or the <a href="">W3C RDF Validation Service</a> for the RSS 1.0 feeds).


Lastly, each category's index page now includes an RSS autodiscovery URL for that category's own feed. Previously, the RSS autodiscovery URL always 
gave the root feed for the blog (i.e. the feed which includes every category). Similarly, permalink pages have an autodiscovery URL for their post's 
category. This should provide more useful default behaviour for new subscribers.