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Chicken, Brazilians and a Canon XM2

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Odd title for a post, but it’ll make sense.

First up, chickens. I feel obliged to link to Lauren’s tale of how a frozen chicken made me lose my cool. I’ll leave it up to you to comment appropriately, either here or there. I have since calmed down, I might add.

Next, a tip of the hat to my good friend Rainer Brockerhoff, who (as I’ve previously mentioned) translated my “I Heart Microsoft” post into Brazilian Portuguese to be printed as the inside-back-cover “Ombudsmac” opinion piece in issue 128 (nice number) of MacMania magazine in Brazil. I just got my copy in the mail this morning, and wanted to say a big thanks once again. Cheers, mate.

And finally, on to the Canon XM2. Basically, I’m selling a Canon XM2 3-CCD digital camcorder. I’m assuming you can look up all the details about the camcorder for yourself, but here’s a link to the Canon XM2 UK product page.

What I’m selling includes everything in the standard XM2 pack, including the box, all cables, accessories, remote control and manual. Everything is in absolutely perfect condition, as brand new. I mean this: everything is perfect. I bought the camcorder in 2004, as I recall, and it’s been used perhaps 3 times, and has been safely packed away at all other times.

I’m also including the following extras:

  • A big black Jessops holdall-style bag with padded movable sections, which holds pretty much all the kit you'd want to take around with you. The sections are set up for the XM2 and all its gear.
  • A tripod, and a shoulder case for it.
  • 4 MiniDV tapes.
  • An extra battery pack (the double capacity one).
  • A really long MiniDV-to-Firewire (400) cable.

I had a look at the XM2 price comparison page at Kelkoo and it seems that the current price of the basic XM2 pack tends to be about £1,390. If you’re interested in buying the XM2, get in touch with me via whatever means you prefer (comments here, or via email or IM using the details on my About page). I’d prefer you to use email to my account (matt.gemmell). Regarding the price, make me a fair offer. It’s not brand new, but it’s in perfect condition (with box), and includes a bunch of extras.

I also have several video editing books, and a full boxed copy of Final Cut Pro 3, though that’s pretty out of date now so I’m not sure anyone would want it. If you want the books and FCP3, it’ll be extra obviously. Again, make me an offer.

I’m mentioning this here on the off-chance that I can sell it without having to go through eBay, but I’ll put it up there before long if no-one gets in touch. I don’t really have a use for it anymore, and it’s way too sweet a piece of technology to not be used. I’ll post it to you using whatever method we agree upon, at your cost, or you can come to pick it up yourself (I’m in the west end of Glasgow, about 5 mins drive from Charing Cross). If you want to come over to see the thing first, that’s cool too - just get in touch to organise when (evenings Mon-Thurs or at the weekend).

That is all. Keep it strictly dangerous, people.