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It’s past midnight now and I’m knackered, so this won’t be long. Just a quick summary of my activities today, since it’s been a particularly good one. As previously noted, the morning began with a great drive into the university, which rather set me up for the day. I’d not been in the lab for too long when Lauren got in touch, and since she was heading into Central to go home to Dumfries for the weekend, we met up for coffee and talked for a while, which was great.

We then both caught the tube into town, and I headed to the UGC to meet Gary and see Hero. Derek had also intended to join us but was delayed and didn’t make it in time. The movie was just damn ace, as expected. Not without “wanky bits”, as Gary noted, but overall I was very impressed. Later, when back in the Boyd Orr building, I tried some wire-fu-style wall-jumping in one of the lifts, and hurt my knee. Practice makes perfect.

It’s also worth mentioning that, when I was walking past the Virgin store on Buchanan St whilst in town, I heard Mark Knopfler’s unmistakable voice coming from their sound system, and noted that they must have the single from his new album playing. The album itself, Shangri La, is due out on Monday (27th Sept).

Anyhow, I arrived back in the lab by just after 3 pm, and checked my email only to discover that Colleen has started a blog! I’d suggested it to her when we were out on Wednesday night, but I confess to being pleasantly surprised that she actually took the suggestion to heart. I’m now responsible for two DCS girls having started blogs in almost as many weeks (Lauren being the other one). As Derek said, I’m clearly the Blogfather.

After a chat with Derek, and a brief but welcome visit from Iain, I realised that I’d entirely skipped lunch, and it was getting on for after 5 pm by that point. Accordingly, Rach and I headed off to Little Italy for some dinner, and I opted for a spicy chicken pizza, which was damn nice (Rach seemed surprised that I finished it, but then she’s positively tiny). I’m obliged to mention that Little Italy, like Frankie & Benny’s, has electronic coasters which flash and vibrate to alert you to, in Little Italy’s case, the fact that your pizza is ready. Worth a look.

The final activity of the evening was suggested by Mr. Strowes, who drove in specially for it: I once again found myself at the UGC, this time with Steve and Rach, and we saw Collateral. Again an excellent film, and the first time I’ve really liked a character played by Tom Cruise. Plenty of violence, and of course the killer line which Cruise delivers after having been accused of killing a man:

I shot him. The bullets and the fall killed him.

Damn ace. On the way back to the tube station, Steve and I discussed how we felt like hailing a taxi, and going around the city shooting some people. Shooting them to death. Rach just looked worried. Upon arriving back at the university we naturally dropped by our respective labs to check mail etc, then Steve left to drop Rach off home before heading for the motorway, and I just went straight for the M8. We both exceeded 90 mph on our way home, of course.

All in all a pretty bloody good day; tiring but ace. Time for me to get some rest now. Remember to at least try to keep it sheercore, little people.


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