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Saddam Hussein needs no formal introduction. On December 2003 the world thought America had captured the dictator. However, recent DNA testing proved a double was actually detained.
So says the blurb for <em><a href="">America's 10 Most Wanted</a></em>, 
an upcoming game 
for PS2, Xbox and PC. Featuring exclusive tracks by members of So Solid Crew 
(excerpt: "Osama... Saddam... we're coming for your whole shit"), the game 
has you as a member of an elite US anti-terrorist team, tracking down 
and presumably killing Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, and 8 fictional 
further lords of darkness.

Clearly, another product created in the best traditions of..., well, 
the glorification of violence, the triumph of highly suspect political 
agendas over democracy and freedom, continued pandering to tabloid sensationalism 
and the basest of human emotional responses, and a gung-ho, testosterone-soaked, 
single-digit-IQ approach to solving any kind of problem.

Which all goes some way to explaining why, for much of the rest of the world, 
America sadly remains number 1 with a bullet.

Footnote: I'd be glad to hear it's all a clever spoof, but if so then it's a costly one. All that Flash doesn't come cheap, and nor does the full-page ad for the game I saw in Games magazine here in the UK, which lead me to the site in the first place.