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Cocoa Localized Nibs

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More cool free stuff for anyone who wants it! I’ve just released Cocoa Localized Nibs, a pack of useful items for Cocoa developers interested in localising their applications.

The pack includes:

  • Standard MainMenu nib files, pre-localised in: English, Français (French), Deutsch (German), Nederlands (Dutch), Italiano (Italian), Català (Catalan), Dansk (Danish), Português do Brasil (Brazilian Portuguese), Svenska (Swedish), Español (Spanish), Srpski (Serbian), and Japanese (Japanese).

  • Complete ISO code-lists for countries and languages, to help when naming your localised variants.

  • Lots of flags-graphics and notes, including the localisation image you see here (as a layered PSD).

Freeware, of course, and only really of interest to Cocoa developers who want to support more than just English. Interested? Go get it.

Update: Corrections to French and Catalan localizations are now included.