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Cocoa Source Code Page

development, general, sheercore & source 1 min read

I’ve moved all my Cocoa source code from my old site to a new page on this site; you can find the link on the sidebar, or you can just go straight to the code. I’ll continue to post in the Source category here whenever I add or update some code, and I’ll try to keep the source page up to date.

In keeping with that principle, I’ve updated the page to mention both RoundedBox and TunesWindow, so it’s now a fairly accurate list of all the stuff I’ve released.

Lastly, for historic interest, I’ve tweaked the increasingly-creaky old Irate Scotsman site (my previous blog) so that you can now browse the 520-odd posts over there. I feel obliged to say that I’ll transfer the posts over at some point, but… come on now. When am I seriously going to get around to doing that?

Oh, and one other thing: if you’re in or around Glasgow this evening, drop by Pivo Pivo from 7pm onwards. We’ll be having some CompSoc pub quiz action, with the inevitable Music Round courtesy of our very own Stevie Gray. Joining me on Team Sheercore (or whatever we’re going to call it) are Lauren, Strowes and of course Big Chris. Hope to see you there!