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Coffee Times Episode 2

coffee times 1 min read

Just a quick note that episode 2 of my Coffee Times podcast is now available. This one is a bit longer than the last one, coming in at about 42 minutes.

Reminder: this podcast isn’t about Cocoa/Mac/iPhone programming; it’s more about what I’m generally up to at the moment, what I’m thinking about or interested in. Here’s a brief summary of the content of this episode:

  • Coding: working collaboratively on UI and interaction design
  • Videogames: Burnout Paradise, Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Fallen, Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
  • Thoughts: Fanboys
  • Happenings: My photo shoot with apples
  • Movies: Watchmen
  • Reading: Fanfiction, and its validity
  • Cool Stuff: Pagehand

Again, it’s essentially unscripted, and deliberately done in one take.

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If you’re using some other podcast-listening application which supports podcast RSS feeds, you can probably subscribe using this URL:

Alternatively, you can just listen to this episode. It’s an MP3, and it’s around 42 minutes long.

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