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Coming Soon: NeXT Dock

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NeXT Dock Coming Soon Logo OK, here's what I've been working on recently: NeXT Dock, a Cocoa application which brings the NEXTSTEP dock back (and bang up-to-date) on Mac OS X (Jaguar or later). Plenty of customization capabilities, but faithful to the NS dock's functionality and look-and-feel. I was going to construct some slogan around a "step back/step forward" sort of theme, but frankly that would be sickeningly corny. That's not to say that I won't do so later on, though. Here are some work-in-progress screenshots, for your viewing pleasure.

Note that, naturally, any of the features seen in the screenshots above are subject to change in the final version. Additionally, cosmetic changes will doubtless occur before release (very likely including a better image-scaling algorithm for the dock tile app icons). Questions? Comments? Get in touch.