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"Command-K is so abused!"

interface 1 min read

Fiona has just opined that the keyboard shortcut command-K is the most misused shortcut in all 
of, erm, shortcutdom. As she has just demonstrated, the evidence is quite compelling.
Apparently, in Entourage it checks mail. I know that in Mail, it permanently erases deleted mail. 
That immediately presents a problem if you're phasing-out those nasty Microsoft products and 
switching to the own-brand Apple equivalents.

In Safari, it toggles the "Block Pop-Up Windows" functionality (which is brilliantly stupid, since 
I <em>always</em> want to have that feature on, yet periodically I accidentally switch it off when 
I'm trying to press command-L to focus into the address field - something I do fifty times a day.) 
In IE, however, command-K brings up the New Favorite dialog.

In iPhoto, which Fiona is playing with tonight, it brings up the Keywords/Search window (yes, the 
"<strong>Keywords/Search</strong>" window - Apple, what are you thinking?) In iCal, it makes a new 
To Do item. In the Finder, it opens the Connect to Server dialog. And so on.

Based on the evidence, I'm compelled to agree: command-K must be one of the least consistent keyboard 
shortcuts in wide use today.