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Comments implementation finalised

general 1 min read

I've pretty much finalised my Comments system. The recent additions are listed below.
  • It now remembers each visitor's name, email address and URL between sessions (via cookies).
  • Administrators can now stay logged-in between sessions.
  • Added easy parameters you can set in the CGI to enable/disable email notifications, using cookies, and more.
  • Added explicit parameter for "domain" of the comments system, so you can easily use multiple comments systems in various directories of your site, and maintain separate cookies for each.
Also, most importantly, I heard back from Ben Trott (creator of <a href="">MovableType</a>, 
on whose standalone trackback tool my comments system is based), and it's fine for me to distribute my comments CGI. 

I rather thought it would be, given that the trackback tool is released under the 
<a href="">Artistic License</a>, 
but I just wanted to be sure. Naturally, my comments system will also be released under that license.

Expect to see it available soon!