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Comments Implemented!

general 1 min read

After <em>considerable</em> hacking of <a href="">MovableType</a>'s
<a href="">standalone trackback CGI</a>, I've managed to 
implement comments!
Similarly to <a href="">my trackbacks implementation</a>, 
the number of comments will be shown beside the "comments" link if there's more than 1 comment.

This was an extensive hack, so posting a "how-to" probably isn't sensible. I must check the license 
for MT's standalone trackback CGI to see if I'm allowed to distribute modified versions. (I just checked 
the source; it's released under the Artistic License - I'll look into what that actually means soon.)

If you experience any problems with the comments system, please get in touch - you can either leave a 
comment (assuming your problem doesn't prevent that), or use the Contact link in the sidebar.

Next on the to-do list: ping!


<strong>Update:</strong> I've made a few tweaks to the comments implementation, namely:
  • Show "No comments yet" if none exist yet.
  • Show comments in the proper order (earliest first).
  • Automatically convert line-breaks in comments to BR tags.
Still to do: make the CGI email the blog's owner (that's me) automatically when a new comment 
is posted. I'll get to that later.