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Comments Still Off

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Just over a month ago, I switched comments off for this blog. I wanted to post a very brief follow-up on that decision.

In a nutshell, it was definitely the right move. For the first few days I did miss the validation of getting a flurry of comments on each new article, but I quickly realised that I was enjoying the peace and quiet. The other benefits are manifest:

  • I receive far more thoughtful, considered email responses (and more article-related email in general).
  • I’ve seen many more responses published on others’ blogs, which is good for everyone.
  • I’ve had zero reduction in traffic; actually, it’s up a good bit.
  • My site loads faster, not having to wait for the comments list and form.
  • I don’t have to moderate anything, or see notification emails.
  • I feel more willing to publish short pieces, and to write more frequently.
  • I feel more positive, and I think the tone of my writing has evolved.

Between responding via email, mentioning me on Twitter, or writing a response on your own blog, you have plenty of excellent ways to participate in discussion.

I’m definitely not going back. If you have a blog, I’d advise you to consider switching comments off too.