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Computing Society Promo Video

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You know how it is. You’re in the final year of your Computing Science Honours degree. You’re a board member of the Computing Society, which has never done anything even remotely computing-related and is really just a thinly-disguised binge-drinking organisation. It’s late at night, and you’ve been out at a pub quiz which was being filmed for posterity.

You’ve had a lot to drink, and you’re wandering aimlessly around the darkened streets surrounding the Department of Computing Science. With your fellow society-members. And with the videocamera. The decision is made to film a short “promotional video” for the Computing Society, and the only thing missing is someone with the right combination of ego and blood-alcohol to be the presenter. And then you realise that you’re me, and were thus born to do this.

This footage has been hidden away for years and was only made available today by the cameraman, my heretofore good friend Stevie. This is really cringeworthy for me, but it’s also kind of funny. After watching the edited version below, be sure to continue down to watch the unedited version, where the combination of an electronic keyfob, a 4-digit PIN door-code, darkness and drunkenness repeatedly foil my attempts to get into the lab building.

The edited version:


The unedited version: