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Congratulations to VoodooPad!

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I <em>told</em> you it was good. VoodooPad 
<a href="">just won first place</a> 
in the US section of the O'Reilly 
<a href="">Mac OS X Innovators contest</a> - 
<strong>congratulations, Gus</strong>!
I've loved <a href="">VoodooPad</a> since Buzz at 
<a href="">skiffyhiffy</a> first pointed it out to me. 
Try it immediately, if not sooner - and if you buy it now, you'll save a bit too ($10 currently, but will go up to $29 soon).

I actually discovered this when Googling for the name of the guy who officially first noticed VP's window fade-outs 
(it was <a href="">Michael McCracken</a>, incidentally - 
wasn't that also Denis Leary's character's name in Loaded Weapon 1?), 
since I reimplemented the effect just for fun a couple of nights ago. Very easy to do, yet rarely seen in apps, and thus 
still quite eye-catching. 
<a href="">Grab source</a> with all possible haste.