Cover reveal: KESTREL Book Three

Friends, it’s time to reveal some info about KESTREL book three, following CHANGER and TOLL! As a quick reminder, the KESTREL series is a set of EU-based technothrillers, which can be read either in sequence or as standalone books. You can find out about the KESTREL series here.

Several weeks after the events of TOLL, the KESTREL team are still on leave when early one morning they receive an urgent summons. One of their own has been involved in an accident — or was it? Taking place virtually simultaneously with two other lethal cases of apparent bad luck, a common thread unites all three victims.

When Greenwood and her team discover that the deaths weren’t by chance, they find themselves up against a new and terrifying enemy, directed by a seemingly all-seeing mastermind who already knows exactly who KESTREL are, where they’re going, and many of their deepest secrets.

Nothing stays hidden forever, and the line between privacy and liberty is razor-thin.

I’m excited to reveal the title and cover artwork for KESTREL Book Three: JINX.

KESTREL Book Three JINX cover artwork. Green overall, showing a woman on a motorcycle speeding towards the camera, with a street winding away and upwards behind her. Superimpose is a distorted mesh of green lines, giving a sinister, technological feel.

Here’s a larger version. And here’s the series so far.

Covers for KESTREL books one, two, and three: CHANGER, TOLL, and JINX.

I’m excited about JINX, which puts the ‘techno’ back into technothriller for the series. There’s quite a bit of evolution in store for the characters’ relationships, and their perceptions of who they are and where they fit into the larger world they inhabit. And as ever, I’m having a lot of fun with the antagonistic elements too. My thanks as always to Books Covered for their continuing excellent work on the covers!

I hope this serves to whet your appetite; release date and info to come in due course. To be the first to know when JINX is available, please do sign up to my free, infrequent, zero-spam readers’ newsletter.

Thanks again for reading these words, and indeed these books.