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Cretin Tracker PerversionTracked

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Some of you might be familiar with my little app <a href="">Cretin Tracker</a>, 
which was one of those one-hour hack-jobs created in a fit of pique at something or other. Today, Cretin Tracker was 
<a href="">reviewed at PerversionTracker</a> - and we got a perfect (-ly awful) 11.0!
Despite its surplus of flaws, it remains the #1 cretin tracking application on Mac OS X. Matt "Angus" Gemmell, you have partially slaked our thirst for useful coding samples, and we hope to reward you with this ungulated 11.0.
It was perhaps only a matter of time before they pounced on CT, but nevertheless this is certainly the proudest day of my Mac development life. ;) 
If PvT isn't on your daily reading list, it really should be - grab their feed <a href="">here</a>.