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Cross-stitch software features?

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Hi folks. As you may know, Fiona is fond of cross-stitch

  • she actually just made me another brilliant bookmark the other day, which I’ll post a pic of in due course.

The thing is, she’s keen to create her own charts, but there’s no Mac OS X-native cross-stitching software available (as far as I know). We did come across some old (Mac OS 8-9) applications, but we don’t really want to have to use Classic, or indeed to pay $150 (as one of the apps cost).

Accordingly, I’m soliciting suggestions (including, primarily, feature-requests) for a new cross-stitch application for Mac OS X, which I plan to try to develop in my free time. If it ever reaches release-quality, it may become shareware, but I’m more interested in having a series of public alpha and beta versions, just to see how the project will work out.

Either post comments here, or get in touch via our contact form. All discussion is welcomed, and indeed if I’m just not aware of an existing suitable OS X-native app, please let us know about that too. Thanks for any feedback!

Update: I’m planning to post a work-in-progress spec on the web, for people to comment on. Not sure if it’ll be here or somewhere in the products section of the main site. I also thought today that a good name would be “X-stitch”, since it’s for OS X and I’ve seen cross-stitch commonly written as “x-stitch”. Must remember to check if that name’s being used. I’m also on the look-out for some kind of chart with Anchor and DMC colours; not just the numbers and names, but actual colour-values (in whatever colourspace you can get them). If you know where I can get such a thing, post a comment.