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Dangling dudes

university 1 min read

Another episode in <a href="">the saga</a> of Bob and Wendy.
Matt:dude, plan
Matt:fatalistic, but still
Matt:let's not kid ourselves:
Matt:there's a tiny, outside chance that we won't see Wendy ever again
Matt:I really think we will
Matt:I really do
Matt:but it's possible. Like quantum tunnelling is possible.
Matt:in that event,
Matt:I think that any dudes who are nuts about her should totally write her a letter or something telling her just how they feel.
Bob:hypothetical dudes
Matt:since she'll be gone anyway, and it's your classic coward's way out.
Matt:hypothetical dude or dudes
Matt:where dudes ::= dude (dude)*
Bob:that could lead to a dangling dude ambiguity