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Dapper Deke

university 1 min read

Just a brief post, since I’m very tired. As mentioned previously, we had a gathering earlier tonight of folk from our year, namely myself, Derek, Gary, Chris, Lucas, Gregor, Disco Stu, and of course our special guest star, Colleen McDermid. Talk quickly fell into the familiar pattern of mocking lecturers, recalling amusing anecdotes from the past year, and taking every possible opportunity to point out how old I apparently am - though, in fairness, that last activity was carried out by Colleen far more than the others, and with great enthusiasm.

I’m becoming aware that I’m entering another entire year of being told I’m practically pensionable and short of stature, and of explaining that no, I really don’t want to sit somewhere with music too loud to allow me to have a conversation, nor to have more than a couple of beers in a given evening. Perhaps that means I’m indeed old, but that’s another post.

I can’t close without explanation of the title; Derek had been to a formal dinner earlier in the evening and thus showed up in suit, shirt and tie, complete with complimentary metal business-card holder, use of the word “natty” to describe his coat’s integral mobile phone holding pouch, and possibly even a hint of a swagger. Dapper indeed.