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Dates of Significance

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In chronological order.

18th April: After a long 5 months (all but 6 days) working as a freelancer, I joined the company I’ve been working for as a developer. Still have a 3-month probationary period before it all becomes signed and sealed etc, but it’s a step forward. Qualitative and quantitative changes to my average workday: not much.

22nd April: 18 months from the day Lauren and I got together. We had a leisurely morning whilst I ran some errands (including getting my road tax disc, which astonishingly is actually cheaper than last year), then went into town to do some shopping and have lunch. Lauren bought a new red dress and in the evening we went out to Whistler’s Mother on Byres Rd for dinner and drinks. It was a great night, and it really doesn’t seem like a year and a half since we first decided to give this a shot. Here’s hoping I’ll be writing a similar post in another 18 months.

23rd April: Today. I finally gave in and bought an imported Nintendo DS Lite (in white, of course). All things being well I may get it on Tuesday or so. Cannot wait. I’m going to give my current DS to Lauren and buy her a copy of Animal Crossing to go with it. Foreign vegetables and much cash ahoy! I’ll naturally post pics of the device when it gets here.

5th May: A week from this coming Friday. The UK release date of Metroid Prime: Hunters. They already have the boxes in the stores in town. I really and truly need this game. Lauren has promised to go and buy it for me at Chips whilst I’m at work that day.

And at that point, I run out of recent personal news and thus any further dates of significance. Thus, for the moment, that is all.