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Day of Rock

university 1 min read

Friday was a day of decent rock-based action, from dawn til dusk and 
Wanting to begin as we meant to continue, I dropped by the Buchanan 
Galleries at 9am to get a set of powered speakers, and we thus spent 
the whole day in the lab with my iPod's "Hardcöre" playlist providing 
a suitable soundtrack to all the "work" we did. Much Thin Lizzy was 
heard, and <em>I Believe In A Thing Called Love</em> also had several look-ins.

At 5pm, off to Curlers for a burger, and of course the guy opened the 
upstairs specifically for us. One of the first music videos on was 
naturally <em>I Believe In A Thing Called Love</em>. From there, to the QM games 
room for several hours.

At some point I got a call from Colleen saying that the Hunterian folk 
were all at the Rubaiyat (sp?) on Byres Rd, and we thus wandered down 
there for a while. A guest appearance from Lucas Ezekiel Toledo himself 
was much enjoyed. Once Colleen had gone home, we returned to the QM and 
went up to Cheesy Pop, being held in the Food Factory due to refurbishment, 
and also thus free to attend.

We'd barely arrived before Van Halen's <em>Jump</em> came on; surely fate at work. 
More drink was consumed, some good and some highly questionable music 
listened to, and the true hardcore group of myself, Chris and Steve finally 
left at 3 am. I drove home whilst certainly over the limit (don't try this at home, etc), 
and Steve stayed at Chris' flat for the night. A few pics:
And on a mostly unrelated note, a classic Jill text from late last night:
Hey, it's only 6 months til Valentine's Day!
Only 6 months to go? I'd best get a move on.

<em>Comp Sci students: believing in a thing called love.</em>