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Dell Axim x51v

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Following on from my previous two posts, I bought a Dell Axim x51v from Expansys (which is also where my boss got his HP hx4700, seemingly). Should arrive next week; I’ll no doubt be blogging about it in due course, especially about UI on mobile devices. Yummy.

This all of course causes me to be bitten by the Developer’s Curse once again. I am actually tempted to have a shot a tWindows Mobile development. Like in, you know, Visual fucking Studio. That’s scary. I’m also sort of tempted to create a virtual Mac OS X-style PDA application (for OS X, of course), with plugin bundles as applications, just to see how it would look. I’ll never actually do that, of course, but that’s the kind of stuff that goes through my mind when I’m fascinated by a new toy.

Oh, and one other thing, addressed to any companies which trade in the UK: I will never, never buy stuff from you if I call you and get put through to a call-centre in India. I do not want to have to painstakingly enunciate every last word to someone who is barely comprehensible and who likes to lie by saying that his name is “Andy” or “James”. I also do not want to then sit and worry that you got my postcode and street address hideously wrong, and that my expensive piece of gadgetry is winging its way to fucking Milton Keynes or some such place instead of Glasgow. No offense and all, but if you’re trading in the UK then I want your phone monkeys to be Brits. Thank you, and good night. I love you all.