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Dire Straits

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I’m a gigantic fan of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler. This post lists some of my most cherished memorabilia, and my Straits/Knopfler music collection to date, with photos of a few choice items.

First, my two favourite pieces:

I also have some commemorative picks, an (unused) limited-run Mark Knopfler phonecard, and more.

And here’s a quick list of my Straits music collection, including Mark Knopfler’s solo releases and performances, including some very rare stuff.

  • Swinging Golden Hearts - Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1996
  • Last Exit to Hamburg - June 1996, June 2001
  • Golden Demos - Live soundboard recordings from Hamburg, 16th June 2001
  • Why Aye Man - 4-track single
  • Money for Nothing - original 1988 release, not remastered
  • Alchemy Live - remastered
  • Alchemy Live - remastered with extra sleeve notes
  • Alchemy Live - original CD release, double-width box
  • Live at the BBC - 1978 and 1981 recordings
  • Brothers in Arms - remastered with extra sleeve notes
  • Brothers in Arms Special Edition single - ORIGINAL 1985 release
    This was the first ever CD single (the first CD single produced, when CDs were just being introduced; the first CD album ever produced wasn’t a Dire Straits album); made in West Germany. The inlay includes a description of what a CD is, and the advantages of the new format. This has never been played.
  • Love Over Gold - remastered with extra sleeve notes
  • Making Movies - remastered with extra sleeve notes
  • Communique - remastered with extra sleeve notes
  • Dire Straits - debut album, original 1978 release
  • On Every Street - remastered with extra sleeve notes
  • On The Night - remastered
  • Sultans of Swing (Best Of) - original 1998 release
  • Sultans of Swing (Best Of) Special Edition - additional Royal Albert Hall live CD
  • Sultans of Swing (Best Of) - 24 carat gold 24-bit mastered serial-numbered edition
    This is indeed a CD made with 24-carat gold, each copy serial numbered. See the box interior, and the disc underside.
  • Golden Heart - original release
  • Sailing to Philadelphia - original 2000 release
  • The Ragpicker’s Dream - original 2002 Special Edition double CD
  • Neck and Neck - with Chet Atkins, original 1990 release
  • Until September - promo 4-track disc, distributed to radio stations
  • Darling Pretty - 3-track limited run single with postcards
  • King Biscuit Flower Hour radio show - week of 24th April 2000, archive CDR, including cue sheets
  • Dire Straits: The Timothy White Sessions - Westwood One show #92-11, double CD and cue sheets
  • Dire Straits: Superstar Concert Series - Westwood One show #98-26, double CD and cue sheets
  • Dire Straits: Superstar Concert Series - Westwood One show #00-32, double CD and cue sheets
  • All main release albums (except On The Night) on 12” vinyl
  • Some main release albums as original cassette releases (not copies)

Hopefully needless to say, none of the above items are for sale.