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Doing the Right Thing

personal 1 min read

In a situation where your morality and loyalty are at odds with each other, which do you listen to? 
I long ago decided that morality should take precedence, but I've found that many people would disagree.
It's difficult indeed when friends and family are involved, but when there are injustices being perpetrated 
against innocents, morality must surely decide the final course of action. I've often found myself encountering 
such situations. 

The same pattern has reappeared many times throughout my life so far. There's always a woman; a strong and beautiful 
person who is paradoxically lacking in self-respect. And there is always a man involved in some kind of relationship with her, 
and treating her badly. Eroding whatever sense of personal pride remains in her. The woman is usually trapped in the 
situation, either by convenience, sympathy, shared family/friends, or the potential repercussions of dissolving the relationship.
I find it very difficult to stand by and allow such things to happen, and I've almost always intervened.

The very least I can do is try to be a friend, and to make sure she's aware of the many wonderful, positive traits 
she has; whether it be her intelligence, her beauty, charm, personality, sense of humour, or many other things. Sadly, 
it's all too easy for good intentions to be misinterpreted, which can lead to awkwardness and distance. Such is life. It 
would be socially safer to not try to help at all, but it would also be wrong.

Once in a while a situation arises whereby morality stands against the most potent form of loyalty: your relationship 
with a family member or other loved one. Many people would say that in that circumstance, you can bend the rules of 
morality for the sake of not rocking the boat with a relative or partner. I've never been able to accept that point of 
view. What's right is right, and that shouldn't change depending on your relationship with the people involved.

So when it comes right down to it, do you risk sacrificing a close personal relationship for the sake of Doing The Right 
Thing? My answer would be yes.