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Donnie Darko

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Saw it tonight, after attending the George Square Christmas tree-lighting ceremony (George Square is in the Glasgow city centre, right beside the City Chambers). Strange movie; has cult film written all over it. I loved it, and Fiona pretty much hated it. ;)

Almost didn’t go and see it, since I saw a dire trailer a couple of weeks ago. “Dark… Darker… Darko”. Typically moronic American ad-crud; makes me physically sick. But I digress.

I recommend Donnie Darko to you, perhaps even two viewings to really understand it and notice all the foreshadowings. One incidental thing that struck me is how old that actress is getting; the one who played Bill Pullman’s wife in Independence Day, and Robert Redford’s gf in Sneakers (another brilliant film). Ah well. Age catches up with all of us; even I have grey hairs.

Anyway, need some sleep. Going to read online reviews of Darko first, as I always do after seeing a movie or reading a book. Oh, and on that note, I’m currently reading Michael Talbot’s “The Holographic Universe” (HarperCollins). Maybe more about that later. ‘Night!