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Don't mention the war

university 1 min read

Today we were all at lunch with Marcus, an exchange student from Germany. The conversation turned to the strange fact that Jill has never seen many of the classic movie series, including the Die Hards, the Indiana Jones trilogy, Star Wars, and so on. Then we got on to talking about the villains in many of those movies. And you can guess the rest.

Yes, it was breezily noted by me that Hans Gruber, the main bad guy in Die Hard, was German; I was just clarifying which of the movies was which with regard to plot points. Then we got talking about our opinions of Temple of Doom, the second Indiana Jones movie, and how it differed from the other two in that it didn’t have the classic bad guys, the Nazis.

I swear that we didn’t actually realise our social faux pas until after these things had been said. Marcus took it all remarkably well, and probably detected our discomfort. All the same, we cringed upon getting back to the lab (Marcus had other things to do, hopefully genuinely).

Since I’d been the one to broach the topic of the bad guys, I confessed that I’d probably started it, albeit innocently. To which Derek, of course, replied:

No, they did. They invaded Poland.

We’re all going to Hell.