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I alluded to being happier in general lately in a previous post, and since just about everyone here knows why anyway, I thought I might as well also let everyone out in blog-land in on the news.

The big news, which came as no surprise at all to most folk around here, is that Lauren and I are together now, since a week and a half ago.

I don’t see much need to go into huge amounts of detail about it all, but suffice to say that we’re both very, very happy together at the moment, and it seems to be working amazingly well so far. The most significant part of it for me is how easy is was to move from being close friends into this new status, and how things are just working without any difficulty or complications. I’m sure that’s a really good sign.

Here’s hoping that this keeps going the way it has; it’s no secret that I’d wanted to be with her for quite a while, and it’s great that we’re now giving it a chance. I think we seem to be ideal for each other, but then I would say that, wouldn’t I? Whatever happens in the future though, I just wanted to record that right now things are pretty much the best they’ve been for me in recent memory.

It would be frankly wrong of me not to end this post with the obligatory, and indeed true, observation that we rule.