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DV camcorder arrived

tech 1 min read

Yesterday, actually, but I’ve just gotten around to playing with it today. 3CCD, manual focus ring, Fluorite lens, intelligent hotshoe, ND filter, 20x optical zoom, optical image stabiliser, DV/S-Video/AV in/out, USB for the SD card, and plenty more. Naturally, it works like a charm with Final Cut Pro, and as usual there’s no additional software or drivers needed.

Whilst it’s in my mind: don’t buy Final Cut Pro if you have a weak back - you’ll need all your strength to lift the bloody box! It contains five printed manuals (Whats New in 3, Tutorials, and the Manual in 3 volumes), and weighs an absolute ton. Nice though. :)

Fiona seems quite a bit better today. She was never ill as such, but the blisters are healing up quickly, and getting much smaller. No new ones have appeared, which is great news. Seems we may have been right about the teddy.

Well, back to work (or something).