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End of the day

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That’s me off to bed once again, folks. It’s 2:18am, and Fiona is already asleep (on my side of the bed, since I was playing GameCube and sitting on her side of the bed). This will be a series of disconnected paragraphs, summing up my current thoughts and some events of the day.

I finished Dreamcatcher today (review here soon), and played a lot more StarFox Adventures (now 25% through the game; love the Shopkeeper’s voice!) Fiona and I went for a bath earlier (we’re shower people; baths are reserved for relaxation and as special treats in the evenings), and dropped in one of those fizzy bath things. What are they called? Not quite as big as a bath bomb; sort of like a little UFO, or a Refresher. Anyway, you know the kind of thing. It was melon-scented, and turned the water ever so slightly pink.

I was reflecting earlier on how unsatisfactory it is to copy and paste URLs from a web-browser into your blog-posting application (or form, in another browser window) when you want to insert a link. It’s far too fiddly. For that reason, BloggerOff will soon support grabbing the URL from the frontmost window in Safari, or IE (and maybe other popular browsers too), and inserting it into a post as a proper link (A HREF … /A). So there.

Reminder for myself: post on the following topics.

  1. Cocoa vs RB (remember to trackback Erik’s (that’s Erik with a K, like Special K) followup to my last post on that subject).

  2. Dreamcatcher review

  3. My Mark Knopfler music collection and memorabilia. Include pics.

    Our new SDI (software design and implementation) lecturer at university is Dr. Muffy Calder. Muffy. Why would anyone name their daughter “Muffy”? You’d think she was either an outrageously upper-class English country dame, or a 22-year-old porn star with tassels hanging from her nipples. Neither is the case. Oh, and our new Information Management lecturer is Helen Purchase, an Aussie who has clearly spent some time in England (she’s lost the Australian “he-eeah” for “here”; instead, she uses the frightfully English “h-ya”). She’s the classic Australian female (i.e. not Holly Valance) - she has that slightly buck-toothed look about her. I call her Muriel, and mentally start singing “Waterloo” whenever she walks in. That’s really just to wind Fiona up about how unfair I can be. I actually like the woman just fine.

    I like the new Ford Fiesta, particularly in silver. It’s the first Fiesta I’ve ever seen that looks at all desirable. Fiestas have just been a design disaster since day one, but the new model is a thing of true beauty. It may be my next car (but we’ll wait until we get back from holiday before even thinking about that). I’ve been itching for a newer car since I was in Michael’s car the other day (Michael Doran, from here in Coatbridge, not drummer Mike). Michael has a little black L-reg Renault Clio, which he calls George. Just had a new timing belt fitted, and it now “purrs like a contented pussycat”, or some damn thing (he actually said that). Mike Grove drives a snowplough. ;)

    Fiona’s birthday on Friday. I must get into town tomorrow and do some serious shopping. I always leave it until the last minute. Ah well. Last-minute dramatic saves are my specialty.

    Brain is starting to seize up now; must get some sleep. Think I’ll just get into bed on Fiona’s side, instead of waking her. Bye for now, my vast readership.