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On Saturday morning, Lauren and I set out early and drove to the Palace of Holyrood House, parked the car, and walked over to Arthur’s Seat. It took us about 35 minutes or so to climb it (we apparently took a steeper route, since people have reported requiring 1-2 hours to ascend). Once we reached the summit, we took some photos (which I’ll put on flickr in due course), found a quiet spot, and sat down to take in the view.

After a few minutes of psyching myself up, I asked Lauren to marry me, and she said yes. I had the ring with me, and did the whole down-on-one-knee bit. I’ve been kind of dying to blog this since the weekend, but we wanted to wait until we’d seen our friends here in Edinburgh first. We’re seeing a bunch of the Glasgow crowd here on Sunday, but I just couldn’t wait that long.

After we’d returned to the car and driven back here, we called our five parents and two siblings to share the news, and did some shopping. We went out for dinner, of course (check out the nifty way they serve soup at the Granary), which was great. We dropped into our local (the Compass) afterwards, and since we were dressed up, the barman asked if we’d been out someplace nice. I told him indeed, and that we’d got engaged that morning, and he bought our drinks for us, remarking later that several of the staff have previously noted how happy we always seem.

So the stage is all set for me to gain a little sister-in-law (who may kill me for posting that pic), and for Lauren to gain a brother-in-law (who wants that pic to be shared as widely as possible). We’ve already seen my father and stepmother, and we should be seeing the rest of the to-be-extended family soon.

We’re both really happy, and everything else is ticking along well too. More updates about various things coming soon; I just wanted to get the news out there.

As a closing note, I admit that I deviated slightly from my original plan for proposing: I had planned that, once we’d been up on the Seat admiring the view of the city for a while, I’d suggest that we start back down, and then go for the Steve Jobs Manoeuvre - i.e. “and one more thing”. I came to my senses just in time. I’m sure Lauren would have accepted it long-sufferingly, but I daresay that your mileage may vary.