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Entombed in Silence

personal 1 min read

I've lost my voice, and it's pretty annoying.
After last Friday evening's events, it's not surprising that my 
voice took a bit of a beating. But after yesterday's almost relentless 
banter, I eventually got home to find that my voice had decided to refuse 
service until such times as my throat has recovered, whenever that may be.

Iain and I went back to Lauren's flat to watch <em>Hot Shots!</em> (excellent stuff), 
then some of the Olympics and a typical Channel 5 soft-porn-like "documentary". 
Twas good.

But, back to the voice, or rather the lack of it. The girl at the supermarket 
checkout seemed a little offended that I remained silent during the whole 
shopping-buying process. Oh well. Here's hoping the old vocal chords return to 
normal operation soon, because I'm going a little crazy here.

Not being able to talk is decidedly un-core.