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Goings-on, and why the main page of the site just showed my sword for a while. 
Goodbye cruel world.
A list of recent happenings:
  • My project is almost finished. All of the coding work is complete, and the evaluation has been run. Just need to write up the report and submit it, and I'm done. Officially I finish next Thursday.
  • Fi moves out a week from tomorrow, Sunday 12th Sept. Mixed feelings, but good for her to start to move on with her life. We plan to remain really good friends, and we're getting on a bit better again after a dodgy patch for a couple of weeks there.
  • 4th year begins on the 28th. Here's to another year of spending the bulk of my life in the lab. Just as I have been this summer too. I love Comp Sci, really I do.
  • I finally got around to hooking my electric piano through a MIDI/USB interface (MidiSport 2x2) and running it into GarageBand. I have a couple of songs in the works. I'll post stuff here as it's available.
  • Watched perhaps the most brilliantly agonising DVD ever created, with a few friends. I will never again be able to hear Another One Bites the Dust without thinking of it. It's a one-of-a-kind, so I can't Amazon link you or such, sadly.
  • I was interested in a really great girl; it didn't work out (again). It's still all good because she's with a great guy now and I think they're going to be really happy together, which is all you can want, right? Best of luck and general coreness to both of them, and I really hope it all stays cool between us. Look after her, invisible dude; she's a really special girl.
  • Nearly had a spin-out at about 90 mph on the M8 late last night. Didn't feel any fear at the time or afterwards. Interesting experience. I recommend you don't try it for yourself, though.
  • Seems I was playing air-guitar in my sleep the other night, since I woke up with a crescent-shaped cut on the side of my right forefinger, right where my thumbnail would fall onto the invisible plectrum. I think that's rather cool.
  • Got a Gmail account. Whoop-de-doo, just like every other dork on the planet. Feel free to drop me a line at matt.gemmell if you're that way inclined. Cheers to the frankly legendary Steve Strowes (that's str-ow!-z) for the invitation.
  • Listening to a lot of Van Halen lately. I can highly recommend Best of Both Worlds, particularly CD 2. Special mention goes to Right Now, and the live version of ATBL.
  • Got tickets to see The Darkness at the SECC on Friday 26th Nov. Anyone else going that night? Let me know and we can maybe hook up for some madness. I originally got the tix with the intention of taking The Girl, and she already said she'd like to go, but that was before recent events. What do you do in such situations? Just assume she doesn't want to go anymore, I'm guessing? In any case, I'll certainly be there, and by that point I will hopefully Believe in a Thing Called Love. Damn ace.
  • Blocked lots of strange people who messaged me on MSN or iChat, with no introduction, and immediately start asking me for help with Cocoa programming, or for modifications to my source code, or some other thing. Begone!
  • I saw The Village the other night with Chris. Not bad, but I found it quite predictable. What's much more important though is that I saw a trailer for Hero. Sweet Jesus, that's going to be the final ultimate triumph of film-making. Jet Li as the main man with a sword, Crouching Tiger producer, a Tarantino film, and the idea of this guy swording thousands of fucking flying arrows out of the air. I've got to see that shit, greater than or equal to one time and less than or equal to six times at the cinema.
  • Chris and I rule. Just accept it.
  • As indeed does another good friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous. Talking to him about all that's been going on lately has been a huge help to me, and that's especially noteworthy when he's had his own stuff going on too. Dude, you're a fellow hero. The decent guys finish first in the end.
That's all I can think of at the mo. So, why was the sword on the front page? It 
seemed somehow appropriate at the time, what with recent events, but it also 
heralds a change here, hence the title of this post. That's right: soon, <strong>Irate 
Scotsman will be no more</strong>.

Well actually, I'm just switching to new blogging software, most likely <a href="">WordPress</a>. 
I'm tired of the filesystem nature of Thistle, and I'm just not getting round to 
updating it. I need db integration, and right now I can't be bothered mutating 
Thistle to do that. WordPress seems solid and well spoken of, so I'll play with 
that and see how it goes. Don't ask for Thistle source; I'll get to it.

I may get around to importing all the old posts eventually, or I may not. I'll post 
here one last time when I've made the switch, and I hope you'll join me in The New 
Place. The domain will remain the same. Might even leave this blog up for your 
edification, and to allow me a cheap way out of having to do the import.

Hope you're all well and that life is treating you as well as it's been treating me 
recently. The obvious event notwithstanding, I'm having a damn good time at the moment, 
and it basically rocks to be me. Til next you read my writings, take it easy. And do 
at least <em>try</em> to keep it sheercore, you puny fools.

Crazy love,<br />
- Matt