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Everyone's a paedophile

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More quality journalism from the Observer. Seems that if an ISP doesn’t filter out questionable newsgroups from their news servers, they are then “peddling” the material found on those groups, and directly “making money” from that material. Next up: Stelios lands title role in new production of Peter Pan; Matthew Kelly to reprise role as Captain Hook; John Leslie as Rufio; Ulrika “Easy” Jonsson as Wendy.

Look, gents, why don’t we just all admit that we’re wife-beaters, rapists and probably paedophiles, and that any wavering from the government’s chosen policies only indicates our secret sympathies towards tea-towel wearing, scruffy-bearded, plane-hijacking CIA agents?

I’d just like it to be known that, if it were possible to renounce my humanity and leave this planet, I’d do so without hesitation. We really are quite sickening.