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Fame at last!

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Or something. iCal Birthday Shifter featured in MacPeople magazine (Japan) this month (issue 2002 10.15). The editor was kind enough to send me a copy (Shifter is on p.27, in case you can get hold of a copy of the mag). The interesting thing is that he emailed first to ask permission to feature the product - I think most mags here in the UK or in the US would just do so, and maybe inform you after the fact.

Nice to have a mag from Japan, though I must confess that I can understand very little. Interestingly, the CD-ROM is inside the mag, a few pages from the front (I say “front”, but remember that mags in Japan have the spine on the right as you look at the front cover, so they open out to the right, rather than to the left as in the UK and US). Also, images seem primarily to be illustrations, rather than moody hardware photographs as in mags like MacWorld and my personal favourite, MacUser UK (for those of you in the US, MacUser UK is still a separate mag from MacWorld UK).

So, thanks very much to the good people over at MacPeople magazine! :)