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Favorites with FaceTime

development, favorites for iphone, interface, software & user experience 1 min read

The latest version (1.1.4) of my speed-dial app, Favorites for iPhone, is now available in the App Store - and it supports FaceTime!

I held off supporting FaceTime until I could do so with a decent user experience (some other apps on the store would bounce you through Safari in order to initiate a FaceTime call, which is frankly shameful), and I think I’ve managed it in this version.

When you create a new favorite (or edit an existing one), you’ll see that there are now four actions to choose numbers/addresses for, instead of the three we previously had: calls, SMS, email and FaceTime.

Favorites FaceTime options

If you wish, you can make FaceTime the default action (via the Settings screen in Favorites itself, or in if you prefer). If you’ve not chosen a FaceTime address for a favorite, you’ll just see the Overlay in that case.

Alternatively, you can always trigger FaceTime directly from the Overlay: if you’ve picked a FaceTime address for a favorite, you’ll see the FaceTime (video camera) icon beside their photo at the top-right. You can tap either the icon or the photo to request FaceTime.

Favorites FaceTime Overlay

You can choose either a phone number or an email address for FaceTime, so you can use Favorites to call your friends who have a 4th-generation iPod touch too (or those who have FaceTime for Mac OS X, a beta version of which was released in late October 2010).

Favorites for iPhone is $1.99 or local equivalent, and if you’ve already bought it then you’ll get the new version as a free update in iTunes as usual. You can find out more about Favorites here.

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