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Feature request

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Yesterday Colleen dropped into a 1st year CS lecture to hand out some questionnaires regarding the online forums which are available to students for asking questions about coursework. She did this in her capacity as one of the organisers of the PAL (Peer-Assisted Learning) scheme, and also to get some feedback about the forums for the sake of her project work. As you might imagine from a room of mostly male 18 years olds, some of the suggestions she received weren’t entirely academic.

Amongst the replies, she received at least one marriage proposal, the assertion that she’s “well fit”, and various other similar remarks, but by far the best was from an unnamed guy who saw fit to check the “Other” box for the “Previous experience in Computing Science” section, and wrote:

Touch my willy

I also have to acknowledge the most popular suggested improvement for the online forums, as succinctly described by that same guy:

Hot PAL chick on a webcam

Classic. Ladies, come to Comp Sci at Glasgow. We’re very much a progressive department, and keenly interested in equalising the gender balance both within our degree courses and the industry in general.