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Females with email

personal 1 min read

What is with women and email? Give a female an email account, and sooner or later they’re guaranteed to start exchanging those moronic “thought for the day”, send-this-to-ten-more-people-within-five-minutes-for-good-luck chain letters. And they do send them on!

Not only that: the poor dears just blindly include every email address and quotation which has been amassed up to that point, thus signing up countless people for spam. They say that open mailserver relays are the biggest facilitator for spam, but now we know better: it’s daft females!

Shame on all of you. See Fiona for a standard to which you should all aspire. Very computer-literate, helps with debugging code, critiques UI like me after I’ve had two beers, and so on. Now there’s a female.