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Fiona's blog refocuses on cross-stitching

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Fiona has decided to reinvent <a href="">her blog</a>: 
from now on, she will be concentrating on 
<a href=";w=9#83683371">blogging about cross-stitching</a>.
She gets a huge amount of enjoyment from cross-stitching, and her dedication is 
something that I have a great deal of respect for. She can literally spend 
hours at a time working on her latest project (which fits nicely in with my 
marathon coding sessions), and on completion move immediately on to the next.

Often, late at night, she'll be sitting up in bed, stitching away, 
and I'll be beside her with my PowerBook on my lap. It's a good arrangement!

If you or someone you know has an interest in cross-stitch, why don't you drop by 
her blog from time to time? I think she plans to display plenty of photos of designs 
she's completed, and keep everyone updated on her current projects and new acquisitions. 
I'm sure she'll also be talking about the progress of our spare-time Mac OS X cross-stitch 
<a href="">software development project</a>.

Incidentally, we're thinking of setting up <a href="">CafePress stores</a> 
for each of our blogs, just for fun. I had a go at designing a merchandising logo for Fiona's blog in Illustrator this evening; 
you can <a href="">see it here</a>.

Oh, and did I mention that Fiona's blog has <a href="">an RSS feed</a>?